Our Approach
Recovery, Unlimited

Our collective experiences have proven to us that a successful recovery not only encourages but demands a continuous quest for improvement, purpose and adventure.

How one defines recovery is inherently subjective. To that end, each individual develops a personalized recovery plan with his coach in the first weeks of services. We continue to work closely with our clients to develop healthy routines and practices and develop balance in five primary areas: recovery, wellness, work/school, life skills and, of course, fun.

We believe that abstinence from drugs and alcohol is a means, not an end. We’ve seen too many of our peers achieve sobriety only to atrophy and return to active use. We believe that true recovery requires an endless pursuit of new horizons, horizons both literal and metaphorical. The comfort zone is a trap and we are well-practiced in avoiding it.

As a group of recovery coaches, case managers and outdoor athletes, we have found lives far beyond what we ever thought achievable. We are recovering individuals who have found successful means of combining strong recovery tenets with an irrepressible thirst for adventure. Our combined experiences are vast. It is our great wish to pass this collective experience on to other young men who struggle with substance use disorder, who have yet to find the path to a life they deem worth living.

For our clients, freedom is our only goal. Freedom from the shackles of drugs and alcohol, freedom from self-defeatism, freedom from lethargy, freedom from boredom and mediocrity itself. Our predecessors in recovery have shown us the path to freedom, and now it is our turn.